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Think Happy Thoughts

Can I Return to Destiny?

As someone pointed out earlier – this time last week we were partying in London. Today I was sat home, doing my accounts (yes very late I know I’ve apologised to my accountant), and recovering from a chest infection.

As we all know, what happens at a con stays at a con. Suffice to say …

THANK YOU – to Sean Harry and the three wonderfully fun actors who gave up their new year to party with us. It was my first new year single, it was the first new year in over 20 years I wasn’t home on my own with the kids, and it was a totally, epically, awesomely, fabulous new year.

MUCH LOVE _ to all my friends who made the convention such a happy place for me to be. Apologies for the meltdown at midnight, I was so overwhelmed at being out with my friends, felt so much love and warmth around me, and full of relief for the end of 2015 which was a totally rubbish year for me.

HIGHLIGHTS – so many of them, laughing with friends, eating sherbert (ahem), getting doused with whisky – again, discovering Drambuie (thanks Simon), the list could go on.

I truly love my Starfury family. I was asked recently if I could change one thing in my past what would it be … I can honestly say that high on the possibles is the wish I’d started going to conventions with you guys earlier than 2013.

So here’s to 2016 and beyond. May it be filled with laughter, dancing, JD, and jaffa cakes (though not both together please).

To My Starfury Family

Like many of us, I have had a tough few months and have felt alone, unloved, unwanted, uncertain, disheartened, at various times even though underneath I kinda knew I wasn’t. While I have some awesome friends and family around me (virtually or otherwise) I needed my other family for a while. For four days & nights I got to be me, I got to be hugged, I got to have giggles, I got to dance, I even got my boobs felt 😉

Let’s see what I can remember …

Not finishing all my curly fries on Thursday at the Pheasant because damn that cheese & bacon burger was filling.

Feeling rather tipsy a lot – just a little 😉

Discovering that dancing in stiletto boots gets uncomfortable after a while.

Hotel floors are slippery when you take your boots off.

Renaissance waffles are still delicious – but 4 is about my limit.

Oh, and the Ren coffee at breakfast has improved a hell of a lot.

Between cons I forget the con dances so have to relearn them again.

That exterior hotel windows are deceptive and also sneakily jump out at you when you’re not expecting them.

Hotels really should nail down the big pots they use as decoration.

Blending kittens can actually be so much fun.

My boobs are pretty impressive when well-scaffolded – according to several women anyway.

That when you’re upset and fed up your con family can cheer you up.

JD Honey is great for keeping colds at bay.

I can totally win at the Pheasant Sunday Roast Challenge – and eat a dessert after too. Although I won’t be able to eat anything else for about twenty hours after.

Flirting with the guy taking orders at the Pheasant gets you an extra yorkshire pudding.

Biscuits *do* go well with Honey.

It is such a great feeling to be among so many people who you feel totally comfortable with, who get the geeky references, who understand when you need alone time, who try and find you random men, who share their JD with you (sometimes reluctantly eh Simon). I was upset Friday morning but had people who made me laugh, who got me to forget my woes, who told me time & time again how much I was loved until I actually believed them. My Starfury family are the best, we know how to party, we know how to support each other, we are inclusive and non-judgemental, we are awesome.

So thank you to all my Starfury family for making the 6th Annual Vampire Ball such an awesome weekend. See (most of) you at Destiny.

When life kicks you (again)

And just when I thought things were getting sorted the damned fridge/freezer broke. RIP to my 3/4 tub of Ben & Jerry’s 🙁

After a cry at the futility of life and angry words at the universe I said ‘fuck it’ and got on with my work. Unless I want to wallow in self-pity which achieves nothing then I have to get on, I have to think positive, I have to smile, I have to believe that 2016 will be a better year.

So what have I got to look forward to?

Only a few more days til the 6th Annual Vampire Ball and a few weeks until Destiny Rides Again when I can bring in the new year with my con family. I loved bringing in the new year with my kids once they were older but it will be fun to be out partying instead for the first time in over 20 years. Yes I know I keep mentioning that fact but I don’t care – this is a big thing for me. Now who’s getting the first kiss of the New Year? Applications on a postcard please (lol).

Christmas – hmm, not much in the way of money to spend on presents this year however I have got plenty of Sainsbury’s points saved so we can have a slap-up tea at Mrs Miggins Pie Shop (or a fridge full of treats, snacks, and other unhealthy food products for the festive period). The tree is going up mid-December accompanied by the traditional sipping of Disaronno *hic* and I have noted the dates for our parish church’ Christmas Tree Festival. I want to take in a Carol Concert too if there’s any around. Feel the need to be festive this year, and nobody around to be the ‘bah humbug’ of the season.

February will see me driving south for a long-promised visit to my fabulous friend Manon and I will finally get to meet this TLD guy she keeps telling me about. Hoping to take in a couple of side trips to see other southern friends while I’m in the area too.

Beyond that I am hoping to get to Ultimates in June seeing as it’s in Blackpool! I want to spend sometime on the garden once spring arrives and then get the BBQ out for the summer if anyone wants to come round and risk my cooking.

I have no idea what the future holds but this is my desktop wallpaper.

This is my future to shape how I want


Starfury Inva5ion May 2015

weeekend pass for inva5ionI think I’m about recovered. I love seeing my friends at the Starfury conventions but it sure takes a lot out of me. Not only the lack of sleep and (some) alcohol, but the introvert problem of being around so many people for so much of the time – even though I love a lot of them dearly. Luckily I do plan for this and always have my own room as an escape and re-energise space.

Continue reading “Starfury Inva5ion May 2015”

Having a ball at the Vampire Ball

vampire ball passYeah I know, sucky title but hey it’s my blog 🙂

In the past I have reviewed the actual event but in the last few days I’ve read better reviews than I could ever hope to write. So instead this is about how Starfury Conventions make me feel …

5th Annual Vampire Ball

This was held at Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel over the weekend of the 26th – 28th September 2014. 

VB5 was my third full convention in a year, I’d also attended one night of Elementary but I don’t really count that, so I felt quite a ‘regular’ when I arrived. Read my write-ups of the previous cons –

Serenity Forever



How it started

If you read my post on Serenity Forever you’ll discover that initially I was not happy. I’d gone with my brother but I knew nobody else at all and as an introvert with anxiety problems when faced with lots of strangers I found myself in my room on the Thursday evening looking up train times home. If you get to feeling that way ever at a Starfury convention I urge you to stick it out, luckily I did and I am so pleased that I overcame my problem and stayed. And it was my problem, because nobody at the con ever made me feel unwelcome or ill at ease – it was just me.

So, I stayed. I hung out on the periphery of all the chat and laughter, I joined in when I felt comfortable and slowly made connections with people. By Friday registration I was being hailed by people who recognised me, by Friday night I was drinking and dancing with new friends and by Monday I was accepting friend requests on Facebook. Little did I realise at that point just how much some of the people there would come to mean to me.

Geek friends are forever

Over the following months my connections became stronger, albeit over Facebook in the main. Some even travelled to Lancaster to see us which was awesome, because I’d come to love many of them as true friends who I could talk to about anything, who I could share geek references with, who I could trust. By the time Inv4sion was approaching I was getting more excited to see my friends than I was about the guests who would be attending.

And this is what I love about Starfury Conventions. It’s family. A slightly dysfunctional family as it was pointed out, but family nonetheless. Sure there’s a few bits of bickering and so on, but everyone is there to support each other and no-one is made to feel alone. There is always someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, a squishy, squeezy hugfest. We all talk about PCB (post con blues) and it’s not just because we’re sad the party’s over. It is also because we know that we will possibly not see many of our ‘family’ for months. I do not make close friends easily but I have made more close friends in this last year via Starfury than in the last decade probably. Friends who I love dearly, who I can be myself with, who don’t judge but who support and care.

It is always a disappointment when one of the family can’t make it to a con, and a nice surprise when one turns up unexpectedly – ask my brother or John Kelly what my face was like when Lydia turned up on the Saturday for a few hours. Oh, and Chelle – you were MISSED girl. See you at Inva5ion or else 🙂

I feel very lucky to have such wonderful friends who I actually do see betweentimes because my family is old enough to take care of themselves. I will say it again and again – thank you to my brother Darren for finally persuading me to go with him to Serenity Forever, and many grateful thanks to Sean Harry for organising such wonderful, fun events that created a Starfury Family I have belonged to for a year and will do for many more.

Read a proper review

OK, I’ve gushed enough about my Starfury family. If you want to read what went down at VB5 then check out Shangel’s Review for an extensive write-up.