All these ‘new year, ‘new you’ posts and messages and oh ffs please for the love of Whedon stop it.

We humans do like to have our little rituals and beliefs – after all, that’s how religion started isn’t it? Something for people to believe in to explain what was unexplainable. But it is an arbitary day, today the sun rose and set just as it has for millennia before, yet we attach so much significance to it even though the first day of our yearly calendar used to be an entirely different date not so long ago.

The thing is, we can view our days in different ways (yay, I made a rhyme). This is how I am observing my diurnal rhythms.

Each morning when we wake up is a chance to be renewed, a chance to begin again, an opportunity to be the person we yearn to be in those moments of stark truthfulness in the dead of night.

Each minute of each day is a chance to start over, a chance to reset, a chance to be better than we were before.

You see we always have the capacity to start again. Whether it’s a large do-over or a miniscule one we all have that second, third, or 101010 chance to change.

So I say don’t wait for a date, do it now. Make the change, do ‘the thing’, tell someone you love them, walk away, decide to be amazing.