>As I’ve had to take my laptop out of the house on a couple of occasions and not having had a proper case for it I decided it was about time I looked for one. I knew I wanted something that didn’t scream ‘I’m a laptop, please pinch me!’ so I started looking around various websites. I started with my old favourite Play.com but the Crumpler ones either didn’t do what I wanted or weren’t the right colour/shape/design. (I know – I can be really fussy!). Then I tried searching ‘ladies laptop bags’ through Yahoo. There were some at Targus but the one I liked wasn’t big enough as I have a 15.4″ widescreen. Ebags were OK but not what I wanted (fussy me), although their link to the Mobile Edge ladies section had some nice totes, this being the one I particularly liked. Did I mention that I don’t want one that goes over my shoulder? I finally found Laptop Stuff where there was a lovely selection. Unfortunately all the ones I liked were a bit out of my price range of around £40, I really liked the Acme Made Cargo Bag range and also the Casauri bags some of which were affordable but not quite what I wanted. If I felt really daring then I’d go for this PINK laptop bag! I also have a hankering for the laptop bag at the bottom of this page (especially as it’s on sale). I’m still without a case for my Vaio but I am saving up. Donations gratefully received 🙂