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Think Happy Thoughts

A Month Flies But My Spirit Hasn’t (Yet)

This blog is “think happy thoughts” unfortunately a lot of the last month they haven’t been. Finances, business, confidence have all conspired against me.

I will not be beaten.

Saturday night was so lonely and I was in a very bad place for a while, but I journalled it out and Sunday morning saw me in a better frame of mind. I am grateful for a home, friends, my con family, coffee 🙂

So, on Pi Day (or Steak & Blowjob Day whichever you celebrate) let me find a happier place to be and to go.

Oh, and I am thankful for a very hunky guy who thinks I’m sexy.

Goodbye and Welcome

As my friends know, 2015 was a very difficult year for me – separation, family illnesses, my depression, empty nest, culminating in being let go from my part time job two days after Christmas due to lack of available hours. Huge sigh.

Yet I am still positive and I am setting scary, big goals and dreams for 2016. I am saying “fuck the fear” I am putting myself out there to the ‘verse and saying “this is me, love me or not I will be happy within myself”.

The end of the year is a time for reflection, to check in with yourself. To see what went adrift, what were your successes, failures, changes. I am trying to look at my year as a growing phase, accepting everything that happened (good and bad) as necessary for me to get where I am today – happier and more in tune with myself – and using it as a springboard to an amazing 2016 and beyond.

Today I ponder, tomorrow I will be looking ahead, seeing what greatness I can achieve in the coming year.

So goodbye 2015, and welcome 2016.


Sat alone on a Saturday night seeing my friends on Facebook post about the fun they’re having at cons, restaurants, and pubs – I could get despondent. But I refuse to. Instead I will count how many things I am grateful for.

My friends, always my friends. Knowing I have awesome people around me who will hug me and support me and encourage me to be the best that I can be is one of the most wonderful gifts a person can have.

My home. I may be flat broke for a while and have to count every single penny but this house is going to be my home.  A home of my own that I can decorate how I please, that will have a library and geek room, a breakfast bar, a cosy front room, a bathroom I don’t have to share, and a bedroom I can make as crazy and comfy as I want. 

My family. Who, in their own ways and means, support me and help me to have a home of my own. Who are always there for me, even in ways I may not appreciate (but I do really). And who would do anything for me – as I would do for my children, and them.

Work. The part-time job which gets me out of the house (at ungodly hours) and gives me a steady income to keep me going. My own business which has been dreadfully neglected with all the turmoil over the summer but which I am working on to build a something that will support me fully in the future.

See, I have a lot to be grateful for. Now if I could only get my Starbucks man … 🙂

I got mad on Facebook

Someone shared an image on Facebook, the image was a group of women in burka’s (fully covered) saying that other countries have banned the burka on security grounds and to share if you agree Britain should do the same. I had an opinion and for once wasn’t going to stay quiet. This is what I posted as a comment.

Maybe if we spent time talking and understanding each other we wouldn’t be in a position where we fear someone just because they wear something that covers them. I think this is disgusting. Banning a religious/cultural choice only cause more tension rather than addressing the underlying problem. Besides, if someone wanted to create havoc they could probably hide a bomb while completely naked so it’s also a ridiculous idea.

I stand by what I said, even if it costs me a friend or two. We are an evolved species, isn’t it about time we stopped fearing ‘the other’ and started to work together as humans for the future of ourselves, our planet, and the other species that inhabit it.