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Think Happy Thoughts

Don’t Use Religion as an Excuse

I have had enough.

Everywhere I see people (usually men) using their religious beliefs to keep women in their place. It’s disgusting, it’s discriminatory, and it’s despicable.

I’ve just listened to a call-in on BBC Radio Oxford (because it’s International Women’s Day and my amazing friend Manon was one of the speakers). She and another woman got about a third of the air time, if that. The rest was men – in particular a man, who said we should not go to other countries and stand up for the rights of women there because ‘religion’.


If religion is keeping women from education, if religion is enabling men to be abusive to their wives, if religion is treating women – you know HUMANS – as second or even third=class citizens, then it needs to be addressed.

And bear in mind, often it’s a patriarchal mindset interpreting their reigious texts their way. Letting go of the things that don’t suit them and insisting on the ones which keep women ‘in their place’.

Just because ‘religion’ does not make it right and does not mean it has to continue. You are using what should be an enlightening and uplifting experience to make women miserable because you are afraid of what will happen if you give women power, especially power over their own bodies and future.

Afraid that with educated women your community will improve and grow and become strong.

Afraid that women with power over their fertility will mean healthier children born at the right time for the mother and the child.

Afraid that women have natural bodily functions which you don’t and therefore must be ‘unclean’.

Stop being so bloody afraid, stop using ‘religion’ as an excuse, stop allowing others to carry on their control over women just because it’s the way it’s always been. Progress is not a dirty word.

Adventurous Jaffa Cake

The Tale of the Adventurous Jaffa Cake


Jaffa was jostled / squished in the pack / he wanted some space / not a poke in the back

He wriggled a bit / he wraggled a lot / the wrapping gave way / he was off like a shot

Rolled over the table / stopped short at the edge / bet you just thought / he would fall off the ledge

You were so mistaken

He lay there confused / his chocolate was cracking / oh how he wished / he was back in his packing

A strange smell surrounded / potent and strong / Jaffa instinctively / felt something was wrong

Five digits approached him / four fingers one thumb / they grabbed for poor Jaffa / oh what had he done

He felt himself lifted / like a leaf he was soaring / to a strange odd contraption / where liquid was pouring

The digits they held him / they pinched at his rim / then ever so slowly / they dipped Jaffa in…

…to the liquid so smelly / it caught in his throat / then Jaffa was sailing / just like a boat

But he didn’t sail long / his sponge started sponging / and ever so slowly / poor Jaffa was sinking

Down in the liquid / and Jaffa’s last thoughts / were wishing and hoping /



Can I Return to Destiny?

As someone pointed out earlier – this time last week we were partying in London. Today I was sat home, doing my accounts (yes very late I know I’ve apologised to my accountant), and recovering from a chest infection.

As we all know, what happens at a con stays at a con. Suffice to say …

THANK YOU – to Sean Harry and the three wonderfully fun actors who gave up their new year to party with us. It was my first new year single, it was the first new year in over 20 years I wasn’t home on my own with the kids, and it was a totally, epically, awesomely, fabulous new year.

MUCH LOVE _ to all my friends who made the convention such a happy place for me to be. Apologies for the meltdown at midnight, I was so overwhelmed at being out with my friends, felt so much love and warmth around me, and full of relief for the end of 2015 which was a totally rubbish year for me.

HIGHLIGHTS – so many of them, laughing with friends, eating sherbert (ahem), getting doused with whisky – again, discovering Drambuie (thanks Simon), the list could go on.

I truly love my Starfury family. I was asked recently if I could change one thing in my past what would it be … I can honestly say that high on the possibles is the wish I’d started going to conventions with you guys earlier than 2013.

So here’s to 2016 and beyond. May it be filled with laughter, dancing, JD, and jaffa cakes (though not both together please).

Plans and Goals 2016 and Beyond

I’ve been doing an awful lot of business planning lately and realised yesterday that I need to do some personal planning too, balance my life so to speak. After all I am not just my work am I?

I will be continuing my self-development process, learning, growing my potential – so that’s sorted. I want to read more, fact and fiction, there’s so many books out there and so little time 🙂

But in this instance the plans and goals I am thinking of are more to do with my physical surroundings. For one reason or many others I’ve let my surroundings become untidy and unkempt. Not to a slovenly degree but enough that I now need to give my home some TLC. So here’s my goal for the end of the year…

Decorating – firstly my library/geek room. It hasn’t been redecorated in about fifteen years and while it looks OK it needs smartening up. I have a colour scheme in mind to make it bright but restful. It doesn’t get a lot of natural light so I have to make sure I keep that in mind.

Secondly, my bedroom. It’s become a bit of a dumping ground over the last few years so I am gradually clearing out the clutter and then going to totally redecorate including curtains and bedding. I already know it is going to be lilac with grey and silver – cool colours because it gets the sun all day. I have not had a beautiful bedroom for years and I think know I deserve it.

Two goals – ones I will have to work hard and save up for but which will make me feel good. Oh, I don’t mean me decorating I mean paying someone to come in and do it professionally for me.

PS Goal for July 2017 is to be financially able to buy a brand new (or damned near) car as I’ve never had one of those either. Hey, if you don’t dream big 😀



I’ve been doing a lot of self-development work the last couple of years and my latest journey is all about manifesting and believing good things will happen. I’ve been listening to an audio book in the car and doing some of the initial exercises during the last week.

Anyway, it may be nothing or it may be spookily relevant but today feels like a lucky day. Is it working?

– I did a little decluttering, not had much time lately
– I was reminded how good my friends are
– The electric has stayed on all day (dare I set the clocks again?)
– I got fed a surprise (and delicious) meal when I popped into my brother’s for a visit
– I was gifted a voucher for a free HelloFresh box so I have four family meals for Xmas week sorted
– My Xmas Blend coffee I’d ordered had run out so I’ve been refunded and am being sent a free alternative bag (free coffee!!!)
– I’ve been offered extra hours at work this week (more money in January)

Say what you want but I’m carrying on because positive thinking is better than negative and believing in good things coming to you is better than being a miserable git  🙂