As someone pointed out earlier – this time last week we were partying in London. Today I was sat home, doing my accounts (yes very late I know I’ve apologised to my accountant), and recovering from a chest infection.

As we all know, what happens at a con stays at a con. Suffice to say …

THANK YOU – to Sean Harry and the three wonderfully fun actors who gave up their new year to party with us. It was my first new year single, it was the first new year in over 20 years I wasn’t home on my own with the kids, and it was a totally, epically, awesomely, fabulous new year.

MUCH LOVE _ to all my friends who made the convention such a happy place for me to be. Apologies for the meltdown at midnight, I was so overwhelmed at being out with my friends, felt so much love and warmth around me, and full of relief for the end of 2015 which was a totally rubbish year for me.

HIGHLIGHTS – so many of them, laughing with friends, eating sherbert (ahem), getting doused with whisky – again, discovering Drambuie (thanks Simon), the list could go on.

I truly love my Starfury family. I was asked recently if I could change one thing in my past what would it be … I can honestly say that high on the possibles is the wish I’d started going to conventions with you guys earlier than 2013.

So here’s to 2016 and beyond. May it be filled with laughter, dancing, JD, and jaffa cakes (though not both together please).