Oh boy, I’d heard the tales but nothing prepared me for the dire reality…

Being single with not much of a social life right now I though “hey why not” when someone suggested online dating. It may have been one of my un-sensible decisions. I am now convinced that 99% of men on there think only with their dicks, the other 1% probably do too – just hide it better.

My profile now clearly states no impertinent questions and that I will not under any circumstances friend people on FB, give them my email, or join Kik to chat to them. The image (and only image now) is me just home from the gym because I figure if they contact me after seeing that they must be a little interested. Although I’m not so sure.

My favourite messages so far –

So, let me be a bit cheeky – you’re a D cup right? 

What colour panties do you wear? 

What lingerie do you own? 

What are your nipples like?  Erm, not really been around comparing them with others to be honest.

and my personal favourite while having a conversation about a snowball fight …

Do you like being spanked? 

I now delete and/or block after realising that refusing to answer (with good humour or otherwise) either gets them asking further or getting miffed.

I’m also surprised at the ones that expect me to handover personal information without even having met them, and they have no idea why I don’t. They think I’m hiding a terrible secret or something. I barely like to handover my real name let alone the street I live in or my mobile number.

I should not be surprised by the number that want to talk sex before any other conversation. Like I said, men seem to think with their dicks.

To be fair, I did ask one guy who seemed decent what the women were like (as I obviously don’t see them). His response was “Ummm mainly just shallow and judgemental really but I don’t know if it’s because they’ve had hassle from blokes also and give the good ones a bad rep.”  Way to go fellow females.


I will persevere for now with a sense of humour and no expectations but it’s tiring. I don’t ask for much, a nice guy to go out with and spend lazy Sundays in bed with, who understands geek stuff. Seems they’re a rare species lol.