where I need to be

This time last year I was devastated and lost and hopeful.

This time last year I was dreaming where I would be now.

This time last year I had faith.

2016 was not the year I asked for. I didn’t ask for worsening depression, for weight gain (thanks medication), for financial turmoil. I sure wasn’t looking for loneliness and loss. I wasn’t planning on shedding so many tears, on missing so many important events, on hating myself so much.

But this quote (pictured above) jumped out at me the other day. Perhaps 2016 wasn’t the year I wanted, but maybe it was the year that I needed.

The year I needed to understand myself better.

The year I needed to grow in strength.

The year I needed to learn how to ask for help.

So, while I still have a ways to walk, I now have the strength, understanding, and help to get me to where I am needed in the future. I know where I want to be this time next year (and am going to my utmost to get there) but I am also open to the universe showing me a different path if that’s where I am needed.

Much love to everyone on their path to where they are needed xoxo