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Think Happy Thoughts

Strange How Things Happen

A couple of weeks ago I went to the gym a little early and sat out on the terrace reading and thinking, enjoying the warmth of the morning sunlight and watching the birds swoop over the bay. As my thoughts wandered I realised I had no paper to write my ideas on so popped back in to reception and asked for some. I just found the piece of paper. This is what I wrote (no edits) …

Time. Looking across the bay. Trains. Steam/Virgin. History.

Living in ignorance – does education/knowledge help? Does it make you happy? Happier?

Knowledge – gives you things to strive for. Understanding. Is it better not to know?

Birds, animals. They know the now, what do they care for the future? The past? Does knowing and understanding the past actually help the future?

Are we willing to change radically to make the future better? Fear? Greed? What holds us back?

So, random ramblings from an early morning. What interests me about this is that I was thinking about how past and present also needs to include the future, about how the current generation seem to want to hold on to what is best for them without really wanting to sacrifice anything for the future generations.

Last week I saw an advert for a PhD Studentship in Social Futures, the study of which encompasses looking at all timeframes in order to predict (in some ways) possible and imagined futures. It seems so fortuitous … coincidental … not sure of the right word … I’d forgotten about what I’d written until I found it this evening. Maybe it is the universe telling me something, perhaps it’s just one of those happenstances that we read too much into.

Either way, I’m applying for the Studentship. It’ll be a long shot I know but if I don’t try, well you know the rest of the phrase. Keep everything crossed for me please, this is something I’ve wanted for over ten years.

I got mad on Facebook

Someone shared an image on Facebook, the image was a group of women in burka’s (fully covered) saying that other countries have banned the burka on security grounds and to share if you agree Britain should do the same. I had an opinion and for once wasn’t going to stay quiet. This is what I posted as a comment.

Maybe if we spent time talking and understanding each other we wouldn’t be in a position where we fear someone just because they wear something that covers them. I think this is disgusting. Banning a religious/cultural choice only cause more tension rather than addressing the underlying problem. Besides, if someone wanted to create havoc they could probably hide a bomb while completely naked so it’s also a ridiculous idea.

I stand by what I said, even if it costs me a friend or two. We are an evolved species, isn’t it about time we stopped fearing ‘the other’ and started to work together as humans for the future of ourselves, our planet, and the other species that inhabit it.

Windows, Doors, and Opportunities

Life the last few months has been up and down, life changes coming up, health cares to be sorted. Yet there are excitements on the horizon and I have everything crossed that one of the windows or doors I’m looking through will open enough for me.

And even if they don’t, the reading & learning I will be doing in preparation and hope is expanding my knowledge. Always a good thing.

Starfury Inva5ion May 2015

weeekend pass for inva5ionI think I’m about recovered. I love seeing my friends at the Starfury conventions but it sure takes a lot out of me. Not only the lack of sleep and (some) alcohol, but the introvert problem of being around so many people for so much of the time – even though I love a lot of them dearly. Luckily I do plan for this and always have my own room as an escape and re-energise space.

If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?

From an article in the Independent which is supposed to allow a person to decide if you are both compatible in love.

Oh, this is a tough one. I mean I’d definitely like the mind of the 30 year old but if I was trapped in a body I couldn’t use would I feel frustrated. Also, to be honest, at 30 I’d just had my second child so my body was not in that good a shape.

I guess the mind because even if I was trapped I could still think and wonder and imagine and learn.