This is my philosophy

Mar 02

I never thought to look for the clip on YouTube  

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Making Progress

Aug 19

I’ve started two new things in the past few months going to the gym regularly taking guitar lessons online Both involve learning new techniques and a dedication of my time. Both have been quite difficult for me. In both, at times, I have felt I am not making progress. However … I’ve had realisations recently with both activities that have changed...

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Growing Pains

Aug 17

I have, over the last year, acquired some friends who have young children. I’ve come to realise that, while I do not want a baby (oh hell no), I am a little jealous. These friends have their children’s lives ahead of them – to enjoy, watch them grow, cuddle them, comfort them, laugh with them at all the ridiculous things that happen – whereas...

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Kids Don’t Play Out

Aug 10

Kids these days, all they do is stay indoors staring at a screen. Why don’t they go out to play, get some fresh air, meet up with friends? It’s a familiar refrain isn’t it? But how true is it, and how are things different now from a few decades ago? I live on a residential street, a cul-de-sac, and there are always children playing out. Ten or...

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World Affairs

Jul 26

At one point I used to read the news religiously, I wanted to know what was going on in the world. Then I realised that I was getting depressed by all the bad things that seemed to be happening, especially the seemingly senseless ones. So I stopped reading news websites (apart from the techie ones) and the world went on without me. Now, with all the current affairs...

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Finding My Passion

Jul 20

I was recently going through a self-development exercise and one of the questions was asking “What’s your passion?” It wasn’t until I began thinking about it I realised I’m not that passionate about anything, I’m not sure whether it’s a symptom of the slight depressive state I’m in or what. Is this a problem? “Who am...

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So I went to the Oscars…

Jul 19

Not the real Oscars stoopid. My daughter’s school held their own version of the Oscars to present awards to the Media Studies & Film Studies 6th form students. We were asked to dress up, there were nibbles (no alcohol), and then there was the ceremony. There were two distinct areas – print & film. The students had to create print or video...

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Learning Bravery

Jul 11

Almost two years ago I started a course run by Chris Brogan called Brave New Year (yes, I know it wasn’t new year at the time but it was a new beginning I guess). It made me think, it actually made me depressed, but I am working my way through the grey clouds and starting to make some changes. There’s one change I have yet to make but my bravery falters...

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