This is my philosophy

Mar 02

I never thought to look for the clip on YouTube  

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Life Could Get Interesting

Jan 27

I’ve spent years fighting off depression after two bouts of post-natal depression, but the last couple of years have been especially difficult. Friday last week I realised that I couldn’t go on like this, it was affecting my work and my friendships and I needed to do something. Today I went to the doctors. He’s given me a low dose of citalopram to...

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A Blank Next Chapter

Jan 15

Daughter and I were talking in the car today about her plans for the future, she mentioned it feels like a blank page that she is going to draw on (that’s the artist in her).¬†In a way I get a blank page, well it’s a whole new chapter, starting September 2015 when my youngest¬†starts university. It is uplifting (and a little scary) to consider what I am...

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F. U. N.

Jan 13

I’ve realised I need some fun in my life, it’s a long way off to my next convention and I need to be silly before that. I’m getting too serious, in danger of growing older gracefully and that was not my intention.  

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Prepping for the Next Step

Jan 04

Last year was the year I explored who I am and seriously looked at personal development. This year is when I begin to act. As I discover myself I am slowly forming a plan of how I want to live the rest of my life. My keyword for 2015 is SUPPORT and that is going to be the basis of everything I do this year. And yes Polly, I promise faithfully to take care of...

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It’s the Simple Things

Jan 01

Last night, after the new year had begun, I wished that my friends would have … good music, good books, good cake, good coffee and good company in 2015 It made me start thinking about how, in reality, all the things that truly make me happy are the simple ones that don’t cost much and how, for many people, chasing the expensive and ostentatious is...

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Obligatory Last Day of the Year Post

Dec 31

So, for many years this day has been pretty crap for me, I’m usually alone New Years’ Eve as since 1995 have been caring for at least one child. Hearing everyone having fun whilst alone and trying to get to sleep despite to incessant banging and fizzing of fireworks. The last couple haven’t been too bad, I realised if I planned ahead with things to...

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30 Minutes Read

Dec 26

I love to write, I love to read – to write I believe you need to read. I’ve realised over the last months that I am failing to read due to time, lethargy … all kinds of excuses … and I miss reading. So I am going to create a habit. From tonight (no I’m not waiting for New Year, why would I do that when there are so many books to read) I...

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