This is my philosophy

Mar 02

I never thought to look for the clip on YouTube  

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Having a ball at the Vampire Ball

Oct 03

Yeah I know, sucky title but hey it’s my blog In the past I have reviewed the actual event but in the last few days I’ve read better reviews than I could ever hope to write. So instead this is about how Starfury Conventions make me feel … 5th Annual Vampire Ball This was held at Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel over the weekend of the 26th –...

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Review (of sorts)

Sep 09

I’ve just finished reading The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau, a book not about his journey to visit every country in the world (193) but about quests; how he felt about his quest to do this seemingly strange challenge, about how other people have followed their own quests and their experiences before, during and after. I’m not going into...

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Challenges For My Future

Aug 31

As each day/week/month/year passes I become more aware of things I haven’t done that I would like to and also of things I don’t know that I want to learn about. Currently reading a book about pursuing challenges and quests which has got me thinking about what I want to do with the next phase of my life. I’ve already started putting things in motion...

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Making Progress

Aug 19

I’ve started two new things in the past few months going to the gym regularly taking guitar lessons online Both involve learning new techniques and a dedication of my time. Both have been quite difficult for me. In both, at times, I have felt I am not making progress. However … I’ve had realisations recently with both activities that have changed...

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Growing Pains

Aug 17

I have, over the last year, acquired some friends who have young children. I’ve come to realise that, while I do not want a baby (oh hell no), I am a little jealous. These friends have their children’s lives ahead of them – to enjoy, watch them grow, cuddle them, comfort them, laugh with them at all the ridiculous things that happen – whereas...

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Kids Don’t Play Out

Aug 10

Kids these days, all they do is stay indoors staring at a screen. Why don’t they go out to play, get some fresh air, meet up with friends? It’s a familiar refrain isn’t it? But how true is it, and how are things different now from a few decades ago? I live on a residential street, a cul-de-sac, and there are always children playing out. Ten or...

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World Affairs

Jul 26

At one point I used to read the news religiously, I wanted to know what was going on in the world. Then I realised that I was getting depressed by all the bad things that seemed to be happening, especially the seemingly senseless ones. So I stopped reading news websites (apart from the techie ones) and the world went on without me. Now, with all the current affairs...

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