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Think Happy Thoughts

That ‘Ah-ha’ Moment

I was talking to myself this morning (yes, all the best people do that) and had a kind of revelation which I often do talking things over with myself.

Currently I feel a bit of a failure. Here I am at 48 having to ask my parents to help me out financially so that I can separate from my husband and start over. I’m having to work a part-time job on almost minimum wage to supplement my income despite all my qualifications and running my own business. I’m not sure I can even afford to buy my children christmas gifts this year.

Yet …

My value and self-perception should not be tied to my financial circumstances. In this world it does seem that your financial success or failure identifies how much value you are but that is not true. We should be celebrating those that bring happiness and peace to others, those that shine a little sun around them, those who make their corner of the universe a pleasant place to be.

Money is not a measure of your worth.

I know so many people who are struggling financially yet who bring so much love and joy to everyone that they are worth far more to the universe than any amount of money. It’s time we stopped beating ourselves up for not being what ‘normals’ consider “successful” and accept there are far better ways to measure your worth than your bank balance.


My friends across the Atlantic are chomping down on their Thanksgiving feast and I am attempting a version of sweet potato pie with marshmallows. While I wait for the sweet potatoes to cook here’s what I am grateful and thankful for.

This has been a tough year with many downs, some ups too, but generally a year of sadness, change, fear, and stress. However, through it all I have managed to maintain a mostly positive attitude and stayed strong enough to still get up in the morning and make it through the day. I am grateful for the strength I have found in my family and friends. Some days I wanted to hide away, some mornings I wish I didn’t have to wake up, yet in all this cold darkness I had the warm flicker of light in the distance representing the love out there for me. Yes, some strength came from within myself but that would not exist in such quantity were it not for the support from outside.

So thank you to each and every one of you.

Now I’m gonna stop being soppy and go investigate the burning smell emanating from the kitchen.



Alternative Uses For Tampons

buy a tampon save a rape victimSo, after my previous post about the wonderful tampon tax being used for rape counselling I had a thought – what other uses can there be for tampons & sanitary products in general? The more uses we find, the more people will buy them, and the more tax revenue sales will generate.

Tampons could make an excellent snot-soaker for those unfortunate to have a runny nose, ’tis the season too you know. Or how about using them as painting tools my artist friends? They could make a real mark on your canvases.

Come on, there must be some inventive ways to use sanitary products. Answers in the comments or on social media #buyatampon




Buy More Tampons Women of the UK

buy a tampon save a rape victimSo our government has released its budget for Nov 2015 and what a corker. Not only has Osborne backed down on tax credit cuts (apparently he’s ‘found some extra money’ or ‘things aren’t as bad as he thought’ and yeah, we’re really that gullible Georgey-boy, nothing to do with the outcry about how unfair it was) but he’s also thinking of us women and has said that the tax on sanitary products will now be used to fund rape crisis centres and so on. The unfair tax that this government won’t rescind as it’s an EU thing and we don’t want to upset the EU over women’s trivial woes do we? So basically, women are now funding their own help centres for circumstances they didn’t ask for that were brought about by the total lack of regard for women’s rights over their own bodies. Because you know we were asking for it – the way we dressed, the way we walked, the way we talked … *takes a deep, calming breath*

So I’ve made a graphic for our wonderful, thoughtful CONservative government to use. Rights for the image can be found here and I permit anyone to use the graphic I created using Canva.

Go forth and buy tampons my preciousessss.

To My Starfury Family

Like many of us, I have had a tough few months and have felt alone, unloved, unwanted, uncertain, disheartened, at various times even though underneath I kinda knew I wasn’t. While I have some awesome friends and family around me (virtually or otherwise) I needed my other family for a while. For four days & nights I got to be me, I got to be hugged, I got to have giggles, I got to dance, I even got my boobs felt 😉

Let’s see what I can remember …

Not finishing all my curly fries on Thursday at the Pheasant because damn that cheese & bacon burger was filling.

Feeling rather tipsy a lot – just a little 😉

Discovering that dancing in stiletto boots gets uncomfortable after a while.

Hotel floors are slippery when you take your boots off.

Renaissance waffles are still delicious – but 4 is about my limit.

Oh, and the Ren coffee at breakfast has improved a hell of a lot.

Between cons I forget the con dances so have to relearn them again.

That exterior hotel windows are deceptive and also sneakily jump out at you when you’re not expecting them.

Hotels really should nail down the big pots they use as decoration.

Blending kittens can actually be so much fun.

My boobs are pretty impressive when well-scaffolded – according to several women anyway.

That when you’re upset and fed up your con family can cheer you up.

JD Honey is great for keeping colds at bay.

I can totally win at the Pheasant Sunday Roast Challenge – and eat a dessert after too. Although I won’t be able to eat anything else for about twenty hours after.

Flirting with the guy taking orders at the Pheasant gets you an extra yorkshire pudding.

Biscuits *do* go well with Honey.

It is such a great feeling to be among so many people who you feel totally comfortable with, who get the geeky references, who understand when you need alone time, who try and find you random men, who share their JD with you (sometimes reluctantly eh Simon). I was upset Friday morning but had people who made me laugh, who got me to forget my woes, who told me time & time again how much I was loved until I actually believed them. My Starfury family are the best, we know how to party, we know how to support each other, we are inclusive and non-judgemental, we are awesome.

So thank you to all my Starfury family for making the 6th Annual Vampire Ball such an awesome weekend. See (most of) you at Destiny.